Meet    Your Guide,  Wynd

Wyndstorm is an intuitive & self-observing Human Design Guide, combining present day knowledge with wisdom from her own life experiences as a catalyst for growth and transformation. She’s an Indigo Soul dedicated to raising the vibration of the planet since her activation in 2010. For 9 years, she’s been working behind the scenes inspiring others in her local area, focusing on her own inner shadow work, clearing & healing generational trauma, and relying on Synchronicites to align her to be in the right place at the right time to assist others. After a 6 year nomadic adventure, the Universe settled her on the Big Island of Hawaii, near the most active volcano on the planet.

Aloha! I’m Wyndstorm, but you can call me Wynd. My parents gave me the name Katie, but I’ve been wearing my given Medicine name since 2013. How I got my name is quite the tale, and I’ll have to share it someday, but for now…..

I led a pretty normal life (well, kinda), up until my Saturn Return which occurred in 2010. Since then, I’ve been on a crazy adventure which has settled me in Hawai’i as my permanent residence as a Professional House Sitter. My partner and I manage an Airbnb rental, do web & graphic work, grow plants, and I study and implement Human Design into my life.

 I guess you could say I am a minimalist because everything I own fits into a 7x7ft space. In 2010, I let go of most of my possessions and only kept the bare essentials – a comfy collapsible bed, a tent, a small lot of kitchen & art supplies. When Ethan & I met in 2011, it was instant soul recognition on both of our parts. The first week we were together, it was like we had already known each other for 10+ years. I had this deep yearning to just get back to nature, live with bare minimum, and search for intentional communities and discover what what out there. We hit the road and left Colorado for California. Over the next 6 years we traveled up and down the West Coast, from San Diego to Seattle, Colorado, St. Louis (where I’m from), and even Guatemala, to check out all the places we could possibly live before life settled us here, on Big Island Hawaii, in 2017. So a decade later, living out of the car for 6 years turned into a permanent perspective and lifestyle (though I am opening up to the idea of more luxury … hello North Node in Leo!)

Those 6 years of travel & minimalism really trained me in the art of letting go, following my inner guidance, doing the inner shadow work, and trusting the Universe to show up for me in ridiculously unexpected ways. I’ve experienced straight up miracles, and I’ve got tales to tell. Stay tuned! Human Design IRL Vlog coming soon to YouTube!