Discover Yourself

Embody who you are destined to be!

Take the guesswork out of knowing what works best for you, and navigate your life with more grace and ease. When you live in alignment with your Design, your external world changes because you first shifted internally. Be supported in your transformation. The winds of change are in the air….

Human Design can change my Life?


Well, yes! It actually can, just through awareness. Your chart is your “Users Manual.” When you know how to best operate within your “biological spacesuit,” you may discover that:

  • You’re validated in your experience of how you operate. You recognize that you are different from those around you, and have more compassion for yourself and others.
  • You know what works for you and what doesn’t, and now you have the ability to confirm these inner truths for yourself and then express them in the outer world.
  • You trust yourself more in your inner knowing & intuition.
  • You experience more grace & ease in your life, knowing the most effective way to navigate your decisions and choices.
  • You experience less regret, less confusion, and more clarity about which direction you’re going to take.
  • You live more in alignment with your Soul’s purpose.
  • You learn about you’re most ideal environment, how your brain & mind operate, your perspective, and what motivates you.
  • You learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and how to make adjustments through awareness.


Decode Yourself, Exploring Human Design Through the Chakras

Group Centered Deconditioning Workshops

Clarity Reading

So, you’ve learned a bit about your Design, maybe got an introductory reading, and are looking to go deeper and receive more clarity on your life path and purpose and need a little catalyst.

Living and working with my own Design, I do just that. I specialize in custom readings for when you’re stuck in life, at a crossroads, you’re in upheaval, or just want to make sense of things because what you are doing just isn’t clicking, and you are wanting to move forward, but not quite sure how.